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DoggCatcher Podcast Player 1.2.4048

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DoggCatcher Podcast Player 1.2.4048
Move some application functions into a navigation drawer (press on app icon)
[Bug] Pressing pause on lock screen should not remove the audio controls
[Bug] Headset buttons stop working after app was started with a button press
[Bug] Try to fix bluetooth metedata on some samsung devices
[Fix] With the keep screen on setting set to dim, auto-play let’s the screen go into lock mode
[Fix] Audio can resume after receiving a notification

Versión: 1.2.4048
Requiere Android: Depende según el dispositivo
Categoría: Noticias y revistas

Resumen: We just released a lite version of the app that you can use to evaluate DoggCatcher – Look for ‘More from developer’ on this page

DoggCatcher Podcast Player

DoggCatcher Podcast Player

Descripción: Manage your podcasts and RSS/news feeds with the first Android Podcatcher.

-Android Central’s Editors’ Choice podcatcher of the year
-Android Central’s Readers’ Choice runner up podcatcher of the year
-Lifehacker (Nov-2011) finds DoggCatcher to be “The Best Podcast Manager for Android”
-Easy to find new podcasts/feeds
-Fully automated download and cleanup of media files
-Offline playback of audio and video
-Feed categorization
-Updated frequently – 150+ updates since first release in November 2008
-Active user community – 10000+ forum posts
-Highly configurable
-Build in variable speed playback for Android 2.3.3 and higher (current in Beta)

-Automatically updates feeds on a configurable interval
-Automatically download new media
-Automatically deletes media that has been listened to

Add feeds by
-Browsing Top 100 DoggCatcher feeds
-Getting recommendations based on your feed subscriptions
-Searching podcast and news directories
-Importing from OPML

Integrated Audio/Video Player
-Plays downloaded audio/video
-Streams audio over network (wifi/cell)
-Remembers play position of media file
-Plays video formats supported by Android

Community and support
-Frequently updated
-Very active user community in forums

-Audio playlist for continuous play of new media
-Video/News playlists for easy navigation of new media

RSS/News feeds
-Supports RSS 1.0, 2.0, and ATOM
-Displays inline images

-Battery/data plan friendly – can limit downloads based on network/power connections
-Media download queue can be viewed and managed
-Bluetooth support (A2DP/AVRCP)
-Supports authenticated feeds (username/password)

For any questions about application permissions, please see http://www.doggcatcher.com/permissions

DoggCatcher Podcast Player 1.2.4048

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