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Digg 1.11

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Digg 1.11
– Fixes a bug that caused the app to crash when coming back from the background;
– Several bugfixes.

Versión: 1.11
Requiere Android: 2.2 o superior
Categoría: Noticias y revistas

Resumen: Digg delivers the most interesting and talked-about stories on the Internet.


Powered by social signals and old-fashioned human judgment, our editors turn the Internet’s vast and cacophonous flood of articles, blog posts, magazine pieces, status updates, photos and videos into the elegant and endlessly engrossing mix known as Digg. And now the new Digg Reader is a simple, powerful and speedy way to follow your favorite sources and publishers.

– Introducing Digg Reader for Android! A fast, clean, and simple real-time reading app.
– Find and follow your favorite online publishers, writers, and bloggers.
– Organize RSS feeds and other sources via folders. Quickly sort to see the most popular items across the social Internet.
– Digg your favorite stories and share them via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Tumblr, LinkedIn, email, and text.
– Save stories to read later on Digg, Instapaper, and Pocket.

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Digg 1.11