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Convertor Pro 6.0

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Convertor Pro 6.0

Versión: 6.0
Requiere Android: 1.6 o superior
Categoría: Negocios

Descripción y características: All the units you need to convert, wrapped in the best user interface: as easy and intuitive to use as a calculator. It’s unit conversion done right!

• Converts as you type (no “Convert” button to press)
• Use mixed units, like feet+inches
• Freely mix fractions (like ½) with decimals (like 0.5)
• Switch units by swipe, long-press, or menu
• Unit calculator with clipboard “memory”
• Supports tablets
• Three UI skin options: Holo Dark, Holo Light, and Classic Gray… +Info en Google Play


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Convertor Pro 6.0

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